Welcome to the website of Pra-Lin-Ka wind orchestra,

an orchestra with tradition of more than thirty years.


Who are we

Pra-lin-ka wind orchestra is a music band founded more than 30 yaers ago by Karel Kalenda within the Music School of Prague 8 in Lindnerova Street. This is the origin of the band's name: Prague, Lindnerova, Kalenda.
After a sudden death of the founder, a new director from inside of the orchestra is chosen: Mgr. Pavěl Bělík, professor at Jaroslav Ježek's Conservatory. Under his guidance, the orchestra separates from the music schol and becomes an independent association.


What do we play

Pra-Lin-Ka concentrates on brass music, popular music as well as on concert pieces. Compositions such as Radetzky March, Castaldo, soundtrack from Jesus Christ Superstar or Tom Jones Medley can be found in its repertoire. The orchestra, however, does not omit classics, e.g. Wassermusic of G. F. Händel.


Where do we play

The orchestra paretcipates regularly on wind band festivals - Kmochův Kolín, Internetinal Festival in Česká Kamenice or FEDO Štětí. Traditionally it provides musical entertainment during carnevals, celebrations and ceremonies of all types. The orchestra organizes its annual Spring concert, which is the highlight of the season for the audience as well as for musicians. The activity is not limited only to the Czech republic, Pra-Lin-Ka regularly travels abroad and collaborates with organizers of celebrations in France, Germany, Belgium etc.